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Luxury // Urban // Nature // Fashion

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The reality of it is, there’s something more than just the surface.

Our minds and perception makes things real.

Things are only weird or evil or inappropriate if you’re making it that.

There is nothing wrong with this girl. She is beautiful and should stop hiding behind her fear of what…

Dimitris Tamvakos

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A Labyrinth Abstracted

Buried in the trees of Kazakhstan’s sweeping Almaty forest is a cylindrical glass structure designed to help one with spiritual and creative development. At the moment, the four-story greenhouse designed by Architect Aibek Almasov, founder of A.Masow Design Studio, is still in early conceptual phases. Soon, the realized home will be a tranquilizing escape from the  bustling of Almaty - Kazakhstan’s largest, most developed and culturally diverse city.

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Keep going up.. (at Downtown Los Angeles)

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Just my luck.. Met one of the members from CBS x SELF. Looking forward to future projects 💠 (at Atwater Village on Glendale Blvd)


These moments are your chapters of your life. It’s a pause for you to see where you stand and see how you take these situations. And when you become successful, you will always reflect back to what you’ve been through to be on top. And it’ll be all worth it

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